NEED gear?

The Sports Shed provides sports equipment and apparel to schools and other 501(C)3 organizations in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs that meet our qualification process. A qualifying program has little to no budget for athletics and a history of serving kids in under-resourced communities. Here’s how we work:

1. Meet with Us

The Sports Shed will meet with the organization in need. We gather information on the organization, children served, program viability, and confirm the 501(c)3 status and location. Contact us to get started.

2. Complete a Wish List

Once approved the organization can submit a completed wish list of needed items. Download the wish list here. Completed wishlists can be emailed to

3. Gear Determination

The Sports Shed will document the equipment/gear we can provide from the shed with an estimated value. A 10% administrative fee on the value of the equipment will be assessed.

4. Delivery/Pick Up

Arrangements will be made for delivery or pick up of the equipment, when administration fee is confirmed.

5. Evaluation

An evaluation form will be completed by the recipient organization and returned to The Sports Shed. Letters and pictures of the kids in the program are highly encouraged.

There may be items on your wish list that we do not currently have in our shed but have access to at below wholesale pricing through value added partners such as Champro Sports or Augusta Sportswear. Please click the links to see their inventory.

Scholarships for administrative fees are available and limited. Sponsorships for non Sports Shed inventory items are available on a case by case basis.

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